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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 21, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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this is the goal he said at the beginning of the year. lots of enthusiastic applause, he worked hard to to make it happen. you are our midnight hero, good night from washington. i am shannon bream. heather: is may 21st and this is "fox and friends first". happening at 4:00 on the east coast, mother nature unleashing furious funnel cloud crisscross oklahoma and texas. daybreak revealing a fresh look at the damage, the tornado thread is not over yet. live team coverage of the cleanup and what is coming next. the race the white house is on, taking on joe biden before a rowdy crowd in pennsylvania. >> he left you, folks, he left you for another state.
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you have some of these socialist wackos that want to double and triple your taxes. i don't know how you lose this election, right? >> the battle for the rust belt just kicked into high year. the reunion 10 years in the making. the father/daughter embrace that will make your morning. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ ♪ shannon: good morning, you are
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watching "fox and friends first" on tuesday morning. the lights on in new york city with that live shot for you this morning but not the same across many portions of the country. let's get to that extreme weather. powerful tornadoes ripping through oklahoma and texas paving a path of destruction overnight. two funnel clouds forming at the same time over oklahoma. millions of americans are bracing for even more severe weather. aishah hasnie joins us with the latest. >> reporter: pouring down rain, we are under a flash flood warning. look behind me at what is happening in this neighborhood street. looks like a river and a road. this is a man-made lake that has overflowed because of the extensive amount of rain pouring down, flash flood warning for the entire city. this is what folks are waking
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up to, roads looking like that and plenty of power outages here, plenty of streetlights, whole neighborhoods in the dark but over all these folks are lucky. this is a small group that experienced much worse, southwest of here, a tornado hit the small town of mangum. the twister headache house and took off the roof of an apartment complex and look at this video of the town, a funnel cloud, twin funnel clouds just north of oklahoma city in crescent and the twister in texas, one of a dozen sweeping across oklahoma and western texas, severe weather downing trees in texas, damaging homes, fortunately we can tell you no deaths, no injuries reported to us so far. we are not hearing of any
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injuries in oklahoma city but parts of the city under a tornado watch and we can feel another system heading this way right now so stay indoors but they definitely dodged that bullet that did not happen here. >> you can see the lightning lighting up the sky, be careful out there. we will have janice dean coming up shortly to let everyone know what is on the way, thank you. careful out there. giant energetic crowd welcoming donald trump to pennsylvania. thousands gathering for this rally, the president using his speech to celebrate his accomplishment, push back against democratic policies and slamming joe biden.
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>> don't forget biden deserted you. he left you, folks. he left you for another state. sleepy joe says he is running. to quote save the world. he is going to save every country but hours. democrats are the party of high taxes, high crime, open borders, late term abortions, killing your second amendment and radical socialism. you have some of these socialist wackos that want to double and triple your taxes. under my administration we are reversing years of failed trade politics is a crazy world. you have the best employment numbers, the best economies that we have ever had. i don't know. how do you lose this election,
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right? >> pennsylvania voters helped donald trump win the 2016 election. very exciting night. donald trump using his rally to push his immigration plan and slammed democrats over open border policies, this as border agents are overburdened by the growing humanitarian crisis we have been following for you. griff jenkins has been on the frontlines was right now he is in washington with a stark reminder how dangerous the journey north is. >> the tragic reality of the dangers involved. another minor has lost their life in the custody of customs and border protection, this time a 16-year-old guatemalan boy found unresponsive during a welfare check yesterday morning. cause of death is not known at this time. cvp showing this statement. the men and women of u.s.
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customs and border protection are 7 by the loss of this young man and our condolences with his family. cvp is committed to health, safety and humane treatment of those in our custody. this as the president rallied in pennsylvania to overhaul the nation's immigration system. shifting from a family-based approach to one driven by merit, skills and education, calling out democrats for policies that have failed. >> the democrat party has never been further outside the mainstream than it is now. they have gone nuts. democrat policies protect smugglers, traffickers and criminal aliens. and drug dealers like you have never seen. >> democrats in the house oversight and reform committee blasting the administration. in a letter to tsa's administrator announcing as many as 400 volunteers tsa employees may be called to the border saying they are concerned pulling those
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employees will weaken aviation security and increase risk to americans. the tsa says there is no risk because it does not include any frontline resources. >> reporter: griff jenkins live for us, thank you, griff. another story we continue to follow, new terror charges filed overnight against the gunman in the new zealand mosque masker. police charging brendan terrace after a 51st victim died earlier this month. he is accused of opening fire inside two christchurch mosques in march. it is the deadliest shooting in new zealand history. he faces life in prison if convicted. prosecutors will seek the death penalty for the man accused of killing a police officer and injuring two others. grady wilkes opened fire on police responding to a domestic disturbance call in are in, alabama. officer william blue sure was shot and killed. the 13 year veteran of the force leaves behind a wife and two children, he is the 18th
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officer shot and killed in the line of duty this year. the officers who were injured are expected to recover. wilkes is charged with capital murder. former white house counsel don mcgann is expected to skip out judicial hearing despite being subpoenaed to testify about the russia probe. committee chairman jerry nadler sounding off on mcgann who claims he has immunity as former advisor to the president. >> we expect him to show up. >> reporter: donald trump is slamming democrats for still not accepting the findings of the mueller probe. >> it is all a game. not like they didn't do. they knew there was no collusion. they are smart people. everyone from nadler to schumer to pelosi, they all knew there
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was no collusion. >> democratic congressman david sissel been a calling for impeachment inquiry against donald trump if mcgann does not testify. does the white house have the legal upper hand here? byron york, chief political correspondent of the washington examiner says if history is an indication the answer is yes. >> the white house is on pretty solid grounds. they did site events from the clinton administration, the george w. bush administration and obama. these are cases in which they really don't want to go to court. they don't want to decision, both sides, congress and the white house would have a lot to lose in this especially in the bush case, congress subpoenaed harriet myers, white house counsel and karl rove in 2007. into the obama administration, finally they agreed to go talk but with extreme limitations
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that had to be only on the subject at hand which was the firing of the us attorneys and they would not talk about any conversation they had had with the president. don mcgann goes under those conditions democrats will be very unhappy. >> house judiciary chairman jerry never threatened to hold mcgann in contempt of congress. how about something later? jeopardy's reigning champ racking up the 23rd straight win, telling alex trebek that his success doesn't come from college. >> our champion, ladies and gentlemen, some people have wondered how you know so much. >> i went to the university of illinois and online poker. >> where you a good student in the subjects you attend? >> i attended class as little as necessary. >> jeopardy james has won
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nearly $1.8 million putting him in third place in terms of all-time winnings and he will be back on again tonight. the time is 11 minutes after the top of the hour. the trump administration meeting with lawmakers amid growing tensions with iran. >> no indication a thing has happened or will happen but if it does it will be met obviously with great force. >> dan hoffman says that iran is a state sponsor of terrorism that needs to be held accountable and he joins us live with what we can expect. a man dressed as a border wall takes the stage at last night's mag a rally. what he told the president, that is ahead. - in a crossfit gym, we're really engaged
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>> the number one provocative or of terror. we have no indication anything has happened or will happen but if it does it will be met obviously with great force. with the right call -- if they are not ready they don't have to bother. >> donald trump refusing to back off his warning to iran but signaling willingness to negotiate, tensions on the rise for weeks after the us sent a fleet to the arabian sea. what can we expect in the coming days? here is fox news contributor dan hoffman. thank you for joining us this morning. very important topic, you heard the president call them the great provocative or, state sponsor of terrorism is how you would put it. >> absolutely. this crisis if you were to call it that really began when iran
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threatened to enrich their uranium to weapons grade levels within 60 days if not given redress from economic sanctions that caused their economy and currency to go into freefall. shannon: what happens next? what moved we make? >> we made it clear move which is deterrence. we said to the iranian's that if you launch any strikes against us, our people or installations, we are going to respond, that's how we sent the uss abraham lincoln into the gulf and bombers into the middle east and as part of the fence planning for 120,000 troops if needed, a clear statement of deterrence as you can find and we had credible intelligence that iran was considering attacks against us and we have seen some things. >> i wanted to ask you about that. when whistleblowers where the us embassy is located. >> it came from an area we believe is populated by shia militia groups who are iranian proxies so there was concern
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that may have been iran testing us. no one was injured. there were drone strikes against saudi arabia's eastern pipeline. some things that don't reach the level of grave concern but our deterrence is holding. >> what reachedes the level of grave concern? where do we draw the line? >> when it comes to deterrence we are not specific about what we would do in response to an iranian attack but if anything were to happen which caused grave injury or anyone killed then you would see a serious response. retired general david petraeus made it very clear over the weekend don't underestimate this administration. shannon: no one wants to go to war, no one wants to see the 7. >> we have seen de-escalation of the rhetoric. iran and saudi arabia said there is no interest in going to war but donald trump said
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the door is open for negotiation. i don't expect iran to pursue it, that's my opinion but it is important the president said that. there's an offramp if iran chooses to take it. shannon: in terms of how the president appears to be handling this from the outside and anything you can provide in terms of insight what is happening behind-the-scenes, how do you think he is doing? >> he has precisely the right approach to iran, deterring the kinetic action they might take, maintaining those sanctions which are crippling iran's economy and making it clear that there is a choice, follow those 12 commands mike pompeo listed which was to stop their nefarious activity in the middle east or continue to face sanctions. we will see what happens in 60 days. does iran halt cooperation with europe over 12 migrants and drugs from the middle east? do they enrich uranium to weapons grade levels? shannon: as the president said it you said they have their hands in a lot of areas when it
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comes to terrorism around the world. thank you for joining us. the time is 20 minutes after the top of our and the war on ice is ramping up, lawmakers threatening companies to deport illegal immigrants. how the federal government is fighting back. >> holding corporations accountable for transparency and closing that gap. there will be penalties if they don't. >> kamala harris have an idea to fix the gender wage gap but is finding companies really the solution. your comments pouring in on this, stay with us. there is an emergency food crisis for elderly holocaust survivors in the former soviet union. - this is a fight against time. what we're dealing with is coming out,
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shannon: heather: welcome back, seattle taking things recently policies to a new level. a king county official warning businesses against fueling claims that ice uses to deport illegal immigrants. more on how the federal government is pushing back. >> the king county airport was used by immigration and customs enforcement to deport 34,000 illegal immigrants over the last decade but county executive constantine issued an order pressuring to fuel the planes to stop servicing ice planes lose their contract with the county. the federation for american immigration reform calls it an all-out war against border enforcement. >> this is taking it to a new level. century policies a local jurisdiction will not cooperate with ice. this is taking a step further and blacklisting companies that
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do business with ice. this crosses the line into obstruction of justice. >> reporter: in washington state ice is having to drive all the way to yakima, 3 hours instead of 40 minutes and ice officials the state and local efforts serve only to create additional security concerns and add significant delays and cost to us taxpayers. >> the local bureaucrats have decided they can unilaterally decide what our nation's laws are and what we will comply with and what we will not. >> the transportation department sent king county a letter saying federal law prohibits the enforcement of any such directive. the king county executive and his airport manager refused to comment. their actions could cost millions of dollars in federal funds. the airport received $21 million over the last 7 years in grants.
1:26 am
wants to be patient, you can't ban federal use the matter what you think of ice. in seattle, dan springer, fox news. shannon: we will follow that story for sure. what about this? the eiffel tower reopened after this man decided to scale the iconic landmark causing a panic. it convinced the climber to surrender just as he was approaching the peak of the 1100 foot structure. 2500 visitors had to be even back you waited. it's not clear how the climber got past security or why he decided to climb the tower. perhaps for coverage like that. donald trump giving props and handshakes to a supporter wearing the border wall suit. >> get him up here, come on. look at this guy. now we know who he is voting for. thank you very much. he is that i am from san diego. and we need that wall.
1:27 am
>> one of the first in line outside the pennsylvania rally, reading hashtag build me. the site that sells the suit said it only has a few remaining. they will probably sell out, matching tie to boot. faking it to make it. in a report proves one third of migrant families are using children who are not there is to get into america. the president of national border control says these children are in danger and he calls out lawmakers for using border security to score points.
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shannon: we are back with this. extreme weather, powerful tornadoes in texas paving a path of distraction overnight,
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two funnel clouds forming at the same time over oklahoma. millions of americans bracing for more severe weather which is why we have janice dean here tracking the potentially deadly storms. >> we certainly had reports of tornadoes in oklahoma, texas, stretching towards missouri and we are not done yet. we've got to get through the next 12-24 hours with potential of more tornadoes, tornado watch is in effect from the big bend of texas to missouri and we have several severe thunderstorm warnings in effect. once we get the daytime heating later on today another round of potentially severe weather including tornadoes and large hail and damaging winds and flooding rainfall, much of oklahoma under a flash flood warning, severe threat throughout the day shifts toward the midwest towards the
1:32 am
ohio river valley and a lot of heavy rainfall not only today but the next couple days and one of the ingredients we need for this severe weather is very cold air and we've got that in place across the rockies where we have the potential for 6-12, even 20 inches of snow for the rockies, snow in may is happening. flash flood watches and warnings posted for much of oklahoma toward kansas city and missouri and parts of texas as well so this is going to be a severe threat today and the flooding threat is going to be a concern. all eyes across the center of the country where we severe this severe threat and the snow for the rockies. another system moves into the west coast. is going to be hard across portions of the southeast and take a look at this. we will end on a tropical note. subtropical storm andrea, not sure of the pronunciation starts june 1st but we are a
1:33 am
little early. >> you have to be a professional and know what you are doing with the weather forecast like that. subtropical weather, tornadoes. >> it is all happening. we will be here. you are going to be busy. thank you so much. definitely nice to have you with us to let people know what is ahead. the other top stories we are following this morning, members of congress will receive a classified briefing on iran as tensions reach a fever pitch following weeks of complaints by lawmakers who claim the president has not shared enough information. don mcgann will skip the house judiciary hearing, the mueller probe, democratic congressman david mclean he now calling for impeachment inquiry against donald trump if he does not testify. and there's this, a teenage
1:34 am
migrant dies in ice custody, passing away, one week after being detained. he is the fifth to die in us custody. thousands across the southern border, nearly a third of migrants who were dna tested were not related to the children they brought in. how dangerous is this trend for children at the border. joining me with expert insight is national border patrol council president brandon judd. i don't think this topic is getting enough coverage. we talk about the 60-year-old that died in ice custody. what can you tell us about the dna testing and how it is helping determine who these children are? >> thank goodness we are finally doing it.
1:35 am
this has been pushed for for at least a year and a half. we've known these children have been exploited by criminal cartels. they have been used by criminal cartels to help people get into the united states and get relief under the asylum application and loopholes that exist in our laws but unfortunately as these children are exploited and we get a better look at it. we understand how futile congress has been in trying to address this issue. you have so many elected politicians the claim to care about these people, vulnerable population of women in children being exploited but they do nothing to address the problem and they have the authority and power to do it but they don't. heather: democrats wanting or saying they are taking care of them. that's what they want to do but it is not happening. the four that are legally in this country, not to mention those poor children being taken
1:36 am
across the border and the numbers we show people from customs and border protection, the number of apprehensions this calendar year. you see it almost doubles between january and april meaning an increase in these children as well. >> this isn't the humanitarian crisis some would have you believe. this is a criminal crisis. what we are doing is allowing these criminal cartels to create 1 billions of dollars off of our inactivity in addressing the issue and making a political issue to score political points for people at specific basis. we can't have that in this country. this is the united states. we are supposed to be the best country, we are supposed to be above this yet we act as low as some of these corrupt government like mexico, guatemala, honduras and el salvador. we have to be better than this and the american voters have to wake up and look at these issues and decide are we going to vote on the side of those who are going to do something
1:37 am
about it or are we going to vote for those who give lip service and nothing more. shannon: explained to us how does the process work. these smugglers, they offer families money to use these children. sometimes these children are used multiple times. >> these children have been recycled over and over again and they are put into hands of pathological dangerous people. we know they are being used for indentured servitude. we know they are being used as sexual exploitation. as they get recycled they are not able to develop like a normal child would be able to develop and they would not be able to become productive citizens of any country, wherever they end up because of this exploitation. it's very disgusting to see how this works and i get a firsthand look.
1:38 am
i look at the border, i'm getting a firsthand look at exactly what is happening and the numbers that are staggering. >> and people wanting to bring the children because why? >> they know that if they have a child they will get released but if they don't have a child and across the border illegally we can hold them for an indefinite period of time pending their asylum or deportation proceedings but because of the ninth circuit court of appeals case we can only hold children in custody for 20 days and because we will not separate families from children the parents end of getting released with the children within 20 days. that is why it is so important for them to cross the border with children than without children. >> thank you for joining us, appreciate it. have a good day. remember when james comey said this about loretta lynch and hillary clinton's email probe? >> he said yes but don't call
1:39 am
it that, call it a matter. i said why would i do that? she said just call it a matter. >> the bombshell transcript reveal lynch said comey lied under oath.
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heather: former attorney general loretta lynch claims she never told james comey to call the hillary clinton email probe a matter instead of an investigation. >> we both have to testify and talk publicly about it and was she going to authorize the we had an investigation. she said yes but don't call it that, call it a matter. i said why would i do that? she said just call it a matter.
1:43 am
heather: lynch says the former fbi director mischaracterized a statement according to a newly released transcript that came from testing on capitol hill last year. lynch said she was, quote, surprise comey use the word matter in reference to the clinton email probe. more to come on that. 2020 hopeful kamala harris taking a medical pay vowing to hold companies accountable for paying men more than women. a campaign promise she made earlier this week. >> holding corporations accountable for transparency and closing that gap. there will be penalties if they don't. >> he wants large corporations to get an equal pay certification from the equal employment opportunity commission. companies that don't get certified would be find 1% of their profits for every 1% of their wage gap. we asked what you thought of the plan and many of you think
1:44 am
it is a bad idea. on facebook right know, let the market decide. keep the government out of the business of business. billy tweets everyone should be judged on merit, not because of their skin color or sex. equality knows no race or gender. darla comments on facebook this subject is hardly a top priority in this country, get with the program or get a different job. . ford motor company making major cuts laying off 10% of its workforce by the end of the summer. tracy carrasco with foxbusiness here with more on the automaker's restructuring plan. >> ford has announced it is cutting 7000 jobs by august, 900 loan happening this week. most of these happening overseas but in the us 2300 jobs lost, a majority of those,
1:45 am
1500, those are voluntary buyouts. it is part of a restructuring effort by ford. they say these cuts will save them $600 million annually. >> this is important. memorial day weekend, lots of folks out grilling hotdogs and hamburgers and there's a recall people should know about. >> just in time for the memorial day barbecues, there's a major recall on hotdogs, 2000 pounds of vienna beef brand hotdogs the recall because of hospital -- possible contamination. there have been no reports of anyone getting sick or injured eating these hotdogs but they are labeled 10 pound cases, skinless beef, frankfurter. a lot sent to illinois, indiana outlets in wisconsin. if you have any of these hotdogs check, take them back to where you purchased them. >> i saw them on instagram or twitter yesterday, a hot dog covered in fruity pebbles. i've been trying to find a picture to share it with folks.
1:46 am
>> haven't seen that one yet. it is 15 minutes until the top of the our. 20 miles a day for 200 days. this veteran is going on an incredible journey to support fellow serviceman at 72 years old. william shuttleworth hopes to send a message to washington, don't forget that's. we will introduce you to him. stay tuned.
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1:50 am
his message to help fellow veterans. here to tell us more about it. thank you for joining us. we really appreciate it. have you begun already? >> i started last wednesday in massachusetts and in new york today, 208 miles away. >> you made it in three days? >> 6 days, 31 miles a day. shannon: good for you. let's talk about your goals for the journey and why you are doing this. you want to illuminate that homelessness and among other things take a look there, free medical care for vets, guaranteed medical, mental health treatment and increasing starting pay for enlistees. >> exactly. last year i had the opportunity
1:51 am
in california, had 5 sites of homeless vets and during that time became aware there needs were not being met. instead of complaining and being disappointed i could do something about it and since i want 20 miles of a why not walk across the country and meet and engage people and build a coalition to make a change in america. i believe we have to be concerned that one out of four people you see our veterans. they don't want to be there. shannon: we don't want them very. >> two veterans an hour, the starting pay for the listed man qualifies them for food stamps. the medical care for veterans is pathetic, despite what agencies say at the government level and i don't believe it is going to happen at the congressional level. interesting in 1970, 78% of congress were veterans.
1:52 am
today only 8%. all the other competing priorities, we are losing sight of the men and women that fought for this country and protect it. shannon: we cannot let that happen. let us know what type, we showed video of people hugging you along the way. what response are you getting so far? >> it has been overwhelming. one person meeting another person and 100 other people all along the way. somebody out here making a difference, that gives them the opportunity and motivation. shannon: we have a picture somewhere with your daughter, your daughter is also a veteran. >> my daughter is a veteran who fought in the iraq war. time in her uniform. heather: i'm sure she is proud of you.
1:53 am people want to help you, what can they do? >> they can go to my website, all the money i raised going to programs that support disabled veterans. as i go across the country it is nice to have a place to stay and you talk to people at coffee shops and shake hands with people and listen to them more than anything. people pour their hearts out as no one has heard them. memorial day is lovely but can't be the only day we honor veterans. shannon: william shuttleworth, thank you for joining us, we appreciate it and good luck on your journey, let us know how it is going because we would like to follow along. the time is 8 minutes until the top of the our. after a decade overseas a soldier comes home.
1:54 am
>> all the way from korea. [applause] >> is special arrival will have you grabbing the tissues so stick around for this.
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shannon: robert they niro claims putting donald trump in jail would benefit the country, the actor slamming the president in an exclusive video from tmc. >> going to get away with it without trouble. this individual who wants to lead america is one of you. not a making america great again. >> the longtime critic of the president said it before, making the remarks at the american icon award that is back at it. selling t-shirts could be the end game for climate change. >> might be a good time for you to get angry. i am always angry. >> the marvel start urging fans to buy those $40 shirts, the fight for our lives, going to an organization cofounded by the actor which promotes clean
1:59 am
energy. costars also supporting the idea. now it is time for the good, the bad and the ugly and we begin with the good. a student brought to tears during her high school graduation. >> all the way from korea, us staff sergeant anthony smoke. >> anthony tillman surprising his daughter in florida after spending the last we 10 years deployed overseas. they had only seen each other on face time. after telling her he wouldn't be able to make it to graduation he took a 24 hour plane ride at a 6 hour dr. to be there. certainly worth it. the bad. a town built by walt disney spelling his name wrong. spelling its founder's name -- visitors point it out and saying it was a misspelling,
2:00 am
the fountain is under repair. a texas college student doing a backflip at his graduation for the landing. >> landed on his neck but he did get up smiling and got his diploma. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," thanks for joining us, "fox and friends first" continues right now. goodbye. >> sleepy joe said that he is running to, quote, save the world. he is going to save every country but hours. socialist wackos. i don't know how you lose this election, right? >> it is tuesday, may 21st, donald trump taking on 2020 democrats one opponent at a time.


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